E V E N T   E X P E R I E N C E

Deliver an amazing
hiring event
experience, end-to-end.


How it works


Talentspace provides a platform to signup for hiring events hosted by you. After signing up, participants can:

> Browse employer information, branded collaterals, and open positions.

> Register for program speeches and sessions and schedule 1-1 chat appointment with employers.


Participants and employers engage through a variety of Interaction Formats including:

  • > Interactive sessions & workshops
  • > Large scale presentations
  • > Drop-in live booths
  • > 1-1 video chats

Talentspace remains an easy place for employers to connect with participants and arrange follow-up conversations.

> Participants can directly apply for company job positions with the built-in job board.

> The Talent Database is available for employers to sort, evaluate and export talent profiles.

Bring your online hiring event to life

Activity Feed

Never miss a beat with real-time updates of event activity and messages.

Moving Preview

Get a glimpse of people moving and interacting in video sessions before joining.

Program Highlight Reel

Top-of-page access to sessions or live booths that are currently happening.

Featured Booths

View feature booths and highlighted employer booth hosts.

Inform and inspire prospective talent

  • > Communicate the employer mission, projects, culture, and benefits.
  • > Display company images, videos, and downloadable collaterals.
  • > Provide easy access to company programs and job postings.
  • > Allow participants to lookup company profiles during video sessions.
Talent databaseFor employers

Reach and recruit best fit candidates

  • > Access a database of talent profiles with 20+ filters
  • > Directly schedule 1-1 chats with interested candidates
  • > Comment on participant profiles to align with colleagues
  • > Build shareable talent profile lists
  • > Easily export applicant data to the ATS

Create a seamless experience

Pre-event checklist

Step-by-step checklist to help set attendees up for success for the event.

Event Agenda

Attendees can customize their schedule and quickly access programs and meetings.

1-1 Chat scheduling

Take the pain out of coordinating and let your attendees handle their appointments with ease.

Consistent branding

Talentspace is designed to bring a unified branding experience for your organization.

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