Hybrid career events

Get the best of both worlds with hybrid events

Talentspace allows you to manage all your virtual, in-person and hybrid career events.

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What hybrid recruiting events look like

  • Mixed days events
  • Mixed format events
  • Hub & spoke events
mixed days events

Mixed days events

Event with virtual and in-person formats on separate days. You can also choose to host small virtual events throughout the year with just one or two main in-person events.

  • Save time, effort, and costs by running smaller events online.
  • Great for employers who cannot come on site very often.
  • Host online or offline based on what's best suited for the type of event.
mixed format events

Mixed days events

Event that has some interaction formats offline and others done online. E.g. Have speeches and booths onsite, but 1-1 chats are done virtually.

  • Increase the number of employees participants can personally engage with.
  • Increase the chances of getting speakers for the event.
hub and spoke events

Hub & spoke events

Multiple local in-person events connected by a central virtual hub event, and vice versa.

  • Fit for organizations with more than one physical location that want to do in-person events locally, while having an online component to connect across locations. (i.e. international campuses or offices)

The Firmenforum held by ESB Business School was a very successful hybrid event with the first day held in-person, and the second day online. More than 900 students and over 30 top employers including Henkel, Porsche, and Accenture were present at the event, and 430 1-1 chats took place virtually.
The Offenburg University of Applied Schiences held one of it’s most important job fairs in the southern upper Rhine region, where more than 70 companies were able to participate. A day of in-person speeches and sessions were followed by 2 weeks of 1-1 chat scheduling, providing ample opportunity to have follow up interviews with employers.
The Career Contacts event hosted by the University of Regensburg took place in a hybrid format. A big raffle was held where students who were registered via Talentspace could win prizes. Students also used Talentspace to get in touch with employers and learn about them through detailed company profiles.

Customize any part of your event


Entire events

Select to have your entire event online, offline or in a hybrid format.

Interaction formats

Select to have your speeches, sessions, 1-1 chats or booths online or offline.

Individual program points

Select to have individual program points (specific speeches) online or offline.

Power offline experiences with online capabilities

1-1 Chat scheduling
1-1 Chat scheduling

Let participants and employers schedule private meetings to meet online or in person.

Attendance tracking
Attendance tracking

Check in attendees at your event and view attendance in your analytics dashboard.

Information hub

Program schedule, locations, speakers - keep attendees in the know anywhere at your event.

Candidate research

Employers can assess, and reach out to meet any candidate with the talent database.

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