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Align talent to business needs

Talentspace enables you to host highly engaging virtual career fairs and help local talent find meaningful work.

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Virtual Hiring Events for Workforce Development Boards

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Virtual Event Platform

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“I've been in another job fair before, and this is way cooler, it's more modern and beautiful. Lot's of opportunities and formats to get in contact with companies”

Nicolai Krause, Jobseeker

“I felt this was a great way to do a job fair and would like post-COVID job fairs to also work this way. It was easier to hear presenters, links were immediately available, etc.”

Chris Chinn, Jobseeker

Want to know how YoloWorks! successfully ran the State of California Administrative Pathways Virtual Career Fair?

Workforce Development Board to hold virtual career

Power up the conversation

with interactive video features

Virtual Event Platform
Workforce Development Board to hold virtual career
Career Fairs for Workforce Development Boards
Virtual Hiring Events
share features

Hosts can share screen, PDFs, and pre-recorded webinars and videos.

engage features

Attendees can engage via video, chat, Q&A, upvoting, and breakout rooms.

info features

Attendees can view participant profiles or company information in video calls.

Hybrid events section WDB

Go online, offline or hybrid

Talentspace lets you host all virtual, in-person, and hybrid recruiting events in one place so that your attendees can enjoy a seamless and consistent experience at every event.

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Build your event in any size or form

Virtual career fairs can be single or multi-day fairs. Talentspace allows for unlimited exhibitors, participants, and multiple program formats to help you create a full-fledged career fair. 

Career Fairs


You can organize roundtables or seminars surrounding specific themes to focus the recruitment effort on specialized job functions or industries.



Just need to organize a webinar or company presentation? The Talentspace interface design is also responsive to different event sizes, allowing you to easily create a smaller, single-session event.

Company presentation


You can also conduct interview trainings or resume review workshops to get job seekers confident and ready for an upcoming recruiting event. Talentspace’s sessions and breakout room formats are perfectly designed for such interactive engagements. 



Simplify the job search & hiring

Branded company pages
Employers can thoroughly present their company details, culture, and hiring expectations.

Talent database
Employers can filter and export participant profiles, and schedule interviews right on the platform.

Job boards
Job seekers can search and directly submit applications before, during, and after the event.

Simplify the job search & hiring

Drive action with data

Pre-event analytics
Track event and session registrations to focus your event communication efforts.

Live event tracking
Know how many speeches, sessions, 1-1 chats, and live booths are taking place, in real-time.

Post-event data
Quantify the impact you’ve made with exportable event engagement data.

Drive action with data

Support your attendees every step of the way

Event checklist
Attendees will be led through a step-by-step guide to thoroughly prepare themselves before the event.

Technical self-tests
Platform tests are provided for attendees to test their video, audio, and firewall settings.

Onsite chat support
Our responsive customer success team is always on standby for immediate support at every event.

Support your attendees every step of the way

More reasons to love Talentspace

Responsive badge


Talentspace’s intuitive and responsive user interface makes it mobile-friendly and fully compatible with any device.

Security badge


Regularly assessed by 3rd party security agencies. Sensitive data is never collected or stored and users control what they share.

Accessibility badge


Committed to the highest accessibility standards to ensure that all users have equal access to the platform.

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