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Talentspace is the most interactive hybrid and virtual recruiting events platform for universities, employers and career fair organizers.

Our story

Frustrated with their own job hunting experiences, our founders Jason, Marco, and Markus started organising recruiting events in 2017 to improve the recruiting experience and make opportunities accessible for everyone.

In the years after, they hosted over 100 global recruiting events, connecting more than 20,000 job-seekers with hundreds of companies.

As the world is shifting towards a decentralized workforce, we developed a virtual recruiting events platform to recreate an authentic in-person recruiting experience in an online space.

Talentspace is designed by organizers for organizers. Having been through the transition ourselves, we know what a physical event needs in an online world to be engaging and effective.

And we are obsessed with creating the best event experience through product excellence.

As work moves online, leading employers are tapping into a talent pool the size of our entire world to gain a competitive edge. Talentspace is in the heart and center of this trend.

As an international company that lives and breathes remote, we understand the power of hiring and networking from anywhere. And we believe that accessibility for all leads to a more diverse and productive workforce.

Today, Talentspace is trusted by leading institutions, as a platform to bring companies and talents from across the globe to interact and connect in the same space.

Employers can recruit in a much more efficient and diverse manner and “expand their networks” to reach potential new hires beyond previously existing physical boundaries.

- Marco Eylert

Co-Founder, Talentspace


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