While workplaces and careers have changed to reflect the needs of our generation, recruiting has not. Millenials are seeking more out of their recruiting experience than ever before.

It's time for our recruiting to evolve.

Our Story

We're creating the recruiting experience we always wanted, but never had.

While being students and jobseekers ourselves, we experienced how difficult and uncomfortable it often was to simply getting in touch with employers and to get our questions answered. For us, the classical model of relying on university career centers, going to overcrowded career fairs, blindly applying online or reaching out to people on LinkedIn did not feel satisfying.

So back in 2014, we took a group of 16 classmates from our university in Milan to Berlin, and scheduled a variety of workshops, personal meetings and networking opportunities with some of the leading startups and companies. All we wanted back then was to meet the people behind the companies and find out where we would fit in.

Over the last years, this concept of having a personalized recruiting experience has grown rapidly. We have been fortunate to now work with some of the world’s leading companies, and have helped thousands of talents across Europe get a step closer to their dream job. For us, the work on TalentSpace essentially comes down to a simple belief: work is about the people. So the recruiting processes should mirror this and should also be based on direct personal interaction between potential future colleagues.

We want to make the process of finding out about career opportunities a human and pleasant experience for talents. We want to empower every talent to have a truly personalized recruiting experience and embrace the job search as an inspiring endeavour that enables them to get a step closer to their dream career.


We Believe

Talent Centerdness

We believe that job seekers deserve a personalized and human-centered recruiting experience. Therefore, we are focused on ensuring an authentic human interaction between talents and companies. 


We see ourselves as the trustworthy door opener and enabler for ambitious talents. Part of the millennial generation, we aim to provide an empowering environment, paving the way for a fulfilled professional future.

Enjoyable Commitment

Both internally and externally, we aim at individual commitment, where people not only benefit from the talent community, but also give back. We value quality in an enjoyable environment that finds the right balance between challenge
and fun.

Join Us

Help us build the future of recruiting

Entrepreneur in Residence Intern

Internship | Berlin, Germany

  • Want to build a company at some point in time? Experience what it's like and work directly with the founders.

Software Engineer

Full-Time | Berlin, Germany

  • Know React and NodeJS? Talk to us and see how you can build the future of recruiting with us.

Software Engineer Intern/Working Student

Internship | Berlin, Germany

  • Want to work on a project with thousands of users and big corporate customers, all while improving your tech stack= 

Experience Management Intern

Internship | Berlin, Germany

  • Do you enjoy creating breathtaking events and make people smile? Join our team as a Experience Management Intern and organize events throughout the world.

Product Management Intern

Internship | Berlin, Germany

  • Do you want to get insights into product management, while working with thousands of users and some of the leading companies? Become a PM Intern at TalentSpace.

UI Design Intern

Internship | Berlin, Germany

  • You have passion for design and for creating beautiful product experiences?