Creating the place where employers can engage with talent anywhere, anytime

Creating the place where employers can engage with talent anywhere, anytime.

We believe in connections.

Having been jobseekers and employers ourselves, we know how impactful a recruiting event can be. Job seekers get to have face-to-face contact with employers, helping them better understand a company, its culture and opportunities. And employers can better assess candidates in a personal setting.

We believe in connections

But here’s the problem,


The costs of travel, setup, staffing and venues make offline events expensive to organize and to attend.


Events produce mass production of materials, merchandise, food waste and heavy carbon footprint from travel.


Events are exclusive to those who have the time and budget to attend them and employers miss out on remote talents.

The world of work is changing.

Talent is universal, but opportunity is not. Those who win will be the employers that reach the widest pool of talents that isn’t available locally at an affordable cost. As the working world becomes more and more decentralized, it demands solutions that help employers source talents from all corners of the globe.

The world of work is changing

The Talentspace mission


Create accessibility for all

Online recruiting events opens the world up for more opportunities. Employers are no longer limited to short local supplies and talents are no longer restricted to distance, disability or socioeconomic factors.

With more accessibility comes greater diversity, and greater diversity means higher levels of productivity and creativity. Diversity is good business, but it also makes for a more inclusive world.

Create accessibility for all


Enable meaningful connections

We believe personal connections are irreplaceable. So we developed advanced video technology with integrated features to mirror in-person meetings while improving the networking experience.

We believe experiences should be tailored. That’s why we created a platform that allows organizers to customize their events with flexible modules and interaction formats.

Enable meaningful connections


Host sustainable recruiting events

The harmful effects that events have on our environment cannot be ignored. But it doesn't mean events need to go away, it just needs a better, safer and more efficient format.

Talentspace aims to be the place that brings employers and talents together without the need for travel.

Host sustainable recruiting events

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